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MACS Industrial Supplies, Inc. has been a locally owned business for over 20 years as a women-owned and operated service company, dedicated to the automotive and industrial markets.

MACS is short for what we do: Maintenance, Automotive, and Commercial Supplies.

Our knowledgeable and dependable representatives are dedicated to creating lasting business relationships by offering trustworthy service and fair prices. We’ll make your day easier with our material management services or ordering the right part or supply for you.

MACS is also:

  • Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE/WOSB)
  • Jacksonville Small Emerging Businesses (JSEB)

Industries we serve include: automotive and collision repair, fleet maintenance, MRO, construction, and metal fabrication. Whether you are an automotive dealership, bus company, ship builder, state or local municipality, or contractor, we’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes.

At MACS, we go above and beyond to fulfill our customers’ one-stop shopping needs.

Susan Woolsey, Owner

Susan Woolsey, owner, founded MACS Industrial Supplies, Inc. in 1997. She wanted to create a business that was built on trustworthy, lasting relationships, both with her customers and her employees.

Susan didn’t want to get lost in an impersonal, corporate conglomerate. She believes that if you create an environment of trust, professionalism, and service – and have a little fun doing it – then both your customers and employees will be happy.

She’s proud of what MACS has become: “the small company with a big heart.”

Zoë Marino

Zoë Marino

Inside Sales

Zoë is in charge of Inside Sales and, frankly, anything else that is put in front of her at MACS. She’s the voice of the company and comes from a background of financial service. When looking for something pleasant and different to do, Zoë never dreamed she’d become a “MACmomma” when she volunteered to do the inventory a few years back. Talk to her any time about gourmet cooking or sailboat racing – but please, never politics!

Warehouse Manager & Mother of Jackson

Lori is responsible for the warehouse, stocking, receiving, and picking all orders. You may see Lori making an occasional delivery too…probably with Jackson in tow.

Jackson, the MACS mascot and guard dog, dutifully follows Lori around and greets all walk-in customers. Don’t let him fool you…he’s spoiled rotten!

Shay Smith

Shay Smith

Warehouse & Delivery Driver

As the newest (and youngest!) member of the team, Shay is getting a chance to do something a little different, coming to MACS after graduating from welding school and running a tool room. (Speaking of, she’s a great person to come to with your welding supply needs!) She helps with picking orders, making deliveries and keeping our customer’s shelves stocked. Be sure to stop by the warehouse…you never know what Shay’s hair color is going to be!

Catie Hardin

Catie Hardin

Accounts Payable

After 25 years in the IT world within the financial industry, Catie retired early. A year and a half into that retirement, Susan asked Catie to help her out in her growing business. Since that discussion, Catie has been working on Fridays for MACS as the Accounts Payable Specialist.


Mon. – Fri., 8:00am – 5:00pm


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